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 Hardy's heart was the cat

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Hardy's heart was the cat Empty
PostSubject: Hardy's heart was the cat   Hardy's heart was the cat EmptyMon Nov 22, 2010 7:54 pm

gucci shoes In 1928, the famous British writer Thomas Hardy died. In accordance with the will of his lifetime, his remains should be buried in his hometown of Dorset in southern England. However, due to his special contribution to English literature, it was decided to bury him in the famous London "Poets Corner" - Westminster Abbey. Because this is the "Father of English poetry," Chaucer, the famous poet, Johnson, Browning, Dickens and other novelists final resting place of writer.
Gucci flat shoes Discussed and eventually decided to stay in the heart of Thomas Hardy's home. Unexpectedly, his body was transported to London, the heart sinking, not even missing buried buried, and is responsible for guarding the heart of the farmer remember put it on the window sill. Later, people have finally found an empty plate on the windowsill next to a crouching cat well fed. Dorset farmer was deeply moved and mixed feelings, but also with the cat buried in the coffin of Thomas Hardy.
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Hardy's heart was the cat
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