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 Anna Queen of the whole person with grotesque method

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Anna Queen of the whole person with grotesque method Empty
PostSubject: Anna Queen of the whole person with grotesque method   Anna Queen of the whole person with grotesque method EmptyWed Nov 24, 2010 6:47 pm

gucci shoes Russia in the early 18th century Queen Anne is famous for his cruelty, and her strange ideas particularly for the occasional mistakes of the subjects, she tends to come up with some weird to punish them. These punishments are cruel great, but out of fear of her despotic power, who did not dare to openly resist. On one occasion, three Russian aristocracy made a small mistake, punish them like a mother hen as she lives a week. She ordered built, three large basket stuffed with straw, stood in the basket just gave birth to 12 eggs. Then she put the three "big chicken coop" on the central hall of a palace and ordered the three nobles squatting illegal "home" in the. They wore feather clothes, squat in the eggs, the eggs can not be crushed, or face death. The three Russian aristocracy so painful to spend seven days in the chicken coop.
louis vuitton outlet However. This is not her most bizarre way, she the most bizarre methods of punishment, used in Michael prince. Prince Michael of overseas travel in an Italian woman married a wife, Queen Anne that this much anger. In order to express her displeasure, she denied the prince's noble titles, ordered him to play a clown in the palace. The worst is yet to come. When Michael's wife after the death of the Queen for his wife to find a new, and arranged a strange wedding and honeymoon - this may be the most bizarre in history, the most humiliating wedding and honeymoon. Anna ordered the prince to marry is considered a full maid of Russia's most ugly wife.
laguna beach jeans Unfortunately, the wife of the married, the prince also arranged for him to endure the humiliation of the queen. At the wedding, the first team lined up to enter the hall is a distorted one, and then, from pigs, sheep, dog pulling the car, the car sat a number of beggars and vagrants, the last approach is unhappy with the bride and groom, they were off the old image back in a cage.
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Anna Queen of the whole person with grotesque method
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