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 Tolstoy ran away from home

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PostSubject: Tolstoy ran away from home   Tolstoy ran away from home EmptyThu Nov 25, 2010 7:00 pm

gucci shoes Tolstoy the great Russian writer, his "War and Peace," "Anna Karenina" are world-renowned masterpieces. But his wife is a famous bitch, very bad temper. She is the daughter of a doctor, Tolstoy had already married her 34 years old, and she was an innocent girl Christina 18. Tolstoy's young romantic by nature, playing too many women, he treats the girls to be true, he gave details of ridiculous things over the last diary, to her. Although the girl was surprised, still bravely reiterated her promise. So they combined to start a loyalty to each other and each other troubled life, has been maintained for 48 years.
louis vuitton outlet 48 years, they had 13 children, but the feelings they still refer pedicle, character and temperament are also a huge difference, often noisy. Tolstoy had written three diaries: the first is with the husband and wife can see, the second letter that looks at only the third is not to write his own again, after the death of people can see The. Someone asked the secret of his fame, he said, "because I married a wife, a bad temper!"
laguna beach jeans However, Tolstoy and his wife eventually separated. 82 years old in a harsh winter, he will never escape the noisy for his wife, ran away from home into the night. He boarded a train slow, cold, driving aimlessly. But he had not gone far had suddenly of acute pneumonia, he had to wave the Buddha in the Aspen Room off the station's owners. After his wife arrived, in order not to affect his illness, failed to meet. Until he fainted, she was only allowed to enter, said in his ear can not hear her love, no feeling in his lips to kiss her under and India. However, it is too late, Tolstoy even by old and feeble and unable to cope with physical and psychological blow had Zhangci dead. Tolstoy left home so the end of the tragedy.
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Tolstoy ran away from home
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