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 Roosevelt's psychological quiz

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PostSubject: Roosevelt's psychological quiz   Roosevelt's psychological quiz EmptyMon Nov 29, 2010 7:10 pm

gucci shoes The most famous U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt in office, often playing a psychological quiz. When he accompanied one of the guests from the reception room to his office, he likes to tell a joke to observe the guests on his not very funny joke react. According to Roosevelt said:
louis vuitton outlet "Those on the joke of craft evoke a hearty laugh, a joke for those polite, control of smiling guests, most of the bargaining can be conditional. Such tests, time-tested."
laguna beach jeans It is said that in social situations, people do not pay attention to the words of a man whispered. To test whether this assertion, Roosevelt did, so he chose a White House banquet for testing. He shook hands with each guest, one side showing his famous smile, whispered side of the guests said: "This morning, I murdered my grandmother." As a result, more than a hundred guests, only one bank home surprised tone replied: "She must deserve!" pretended not to hear the other person. No wonder Roosevelt called the "fox" in it!
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Roosevelt's psychological quiz
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