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 Chaplin "lost his wife after bad"

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Chaplin "lost his wife after bad" Empty
PostSubject: Chaplin "lost his wife after bad"   Chaplin "lost his wife after bad" EmptyWed Dec 01, 2010 7:18 pm

burberry scarf Chaplin married four times a lifetime. 1918, when he was 29 years old, and Hollywood actor secret de Laiha Starling married. Because of personality, taste is not congenial, in 1920, 11 menstrual court, to pay $ 100,000 and part of the stock price was divorced. In 1924, Chaplin made a name Litaigelei girlfriend and help her become a movie actor. Forced into the marriage, with the Houge Lei eat, drink, extravagant, leaving corrupted, talk of the town. Cho's silence, the last of the large sums of money to pay $ 800,000, to get rid of this disaster.
louis vuitton outlet June 1932, Charlie Chaplin and the Polish High actress Pauline Dai secretly married in the islands of Southeast Asia, until 1940, was officially announced. In the nine years of family life, in general, or happy happy. But the end result of widening differences in falling out. In 1942 in Mexico judgments and divorce. Last time was in 1943, and his friend the dragon Jinaonier American playwright, married the daughter Oona. The combination of very different age of both men, aged 45 to 18 years. But contrary to popular belief, kept Chaplin has been a faithful companion and assistant.
laguna beach jeans After Chaplin's death, widow Oona love with Hollywood actor Laian, causing a great disturbance. The main difference is the age gap between two people. Oona, 56, and Lai An 40-year-old, it's been Laian
Daughter Tita's strong opposition. People saying, then married to Oona Chaplin inappropriate, too old to find a husband; today they found a small husband.
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Chaplin "lost his wife after bad"
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