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 Women's Love and Marriage shipping tycoon

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PostSubject: Women's Love and Marriage shipping tycoon   Women's Love and Marriage shipping tycoon EmptySun Dec 05, 2010 6:47 pm

coach bags World famous Greek shipping magnate Christina Onassis woman is not even 38 years old to suddenly passed away, she would have been the Western press as "poor little rich girl." Throughout the short life Christina, she does the rich, rich enough to allow global attention. She has 10 more around the world, luxury accommodation, three jets, two luxury yacht, hired servants have more than 400 people, only drivers to have more than 30, PS 20, 25 bodyguards. She has everything, it is most unfortunate woman in the world. "Money can not buy happiness," this sentence is appropriate for her. Going through ups and downs of her life, love and marriage are unhappy, life shrouded in a tragic atmosphere.
burberry scarf Christina 10 years the number of times married, divorced several times. Continued in his father's opposition, she and her husband, Burke first marriage only lasted 9 months; second marriage, Christina is carried out in accordance with the wish of his father before his death, but the end result of substandard and divorced two feelings; s Examination of three husband Sergey Kuznetsov, the Soviet KGB for being suspected of espionage, forced by public opinion, she had to reluctantly part; fourth husband, Thierry Roussel,
louis vuitton outlet very good care of them, but Lu Sale Aventure constantly. It is said that he has been reluctant with his mistress, a beautiful little beauty break in Sweden, the results of their marriage only lasted two years. Every divorce is a loss to her property. Said she had friends, each man to pursue her, are simply trying to get money. One of her bodyguards, said she has special preferences, like sexual satisfaction and wealth, it is also very easy to get money man.
laguna beach jeans Several times married, divorced several times, so that Christina heartbroken, spiritual emptiness and pain, repeatedly tried to commit suicide. Each time after the divorce, she overeating, weight gain after weight loss, their torture yourself, even in ruin themselves. As unhappy married life, affecting her health and emotional, she had once become very passive, not in the mood food business. She had a record number of drug overdose, who have their weight increased from 120 pounds to 200 pounds to worry about, and often take a lot of weight loss pills, in order to quickly bear fruit. Some people ridicule her "for her husband's weight loss center to the same speed and frequency."
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Women's Love and Marriage shipping tycoon
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