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 Cervantes stolen

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PostSubject: Cervantes stolen   Cervantes stolen EmptyMon Dec 06, 2010 6:54 pm

coach bags The world has all kinds of robbers, and some stolen property, theft and some confidential, these are the well-known. Spain has a famous Renaissance writer Cervantes case of theft, but is rather peculiar, is neither money and goods stolen, nor is it secret theft, but "Cervantes" themselves stolen.
burberry scarf Cervantes in 1604 due to "Don Quixote," the publication of the famous. As the "Don Quixote" a passing fad, a few weeks, there have been three pirated versions; later, in Portugal, Belgium, France, are experiencing a similar situation. These pirates are certainly not paid in accordance with the provisions of the publication of remuneration; However, long accustomed to the poor life of Cervantes, as long as their work can have more people to read, for such a situation, it does not care about.
louis vuitton outlet If the pirate of the "Don Quixote" did not make Cervantes anger, then stole his name to a trickster, while filling the Cervantes has always been optimistic nor restraint. What happened was this: Cervantes in the publication of "Don Quixote" After the first, not writing a second, but turned to poetry, drama and short story writing, of course, these aspects of his is also very good. Time like water, blink of an eye that is ten years. During this decade, because of his "Don Quixote" to the feudal system and the irony of the court aristocracy, the novel of the Knights of the ridicule and success in art stricken peers envy, resentment, and those of his hate the people, the total looking for an opportunity to retaliate against him.
laguna beach jeans 1614, in Cervantes's "Don Quixote" has been written fifty-nine chapters the second when he stumbled upon a fake "Don Quixote" second, that the tower Lage Na nobles of his province, a group of hate out of the ghost. Ups and downs of life, for Cervantes careworn it is already commonplace; but this time the blow on the ear than his early and leaving the man fighting against the left hand disability bigger than he was pirate attacks were sold into slavery in Algeria hit bigger than the tax staff for his country in jail because of the accounts is unclear even bigger hit, because this time he is 68 years old, his All efforts have condensed a lifetime in his "Don Quixote" above. Do not mind that everything has always been on Cervantes. This is known as the lost balance.
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Cervantes stolen
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