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 Casanova of the Alexandre Dumas

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PostSubject: Casanova of the Alexandre Dumas   Casanova of the Alexandre Dumas EmptyTue Dec 07, 2010 7:11 pm

coach bags Alexandre Dumas (1803-1870) is a French literary giant. Fung even his life writing, writing 1,200 works, including many popular masterpieces, the military around the world today are still published. But his private life is a chaotic unclear pull off.
burberry scarf Dumas Casanova, claiming his life is not marriage, but also boast five hundred children, he claims not to her husband only as a lover, leaving the affair is really endless, when it won the "great lover" reputation. In the end left a number of illegitimate children, Dumas had no idea, but it certainly is another great writer is his illegitimate son of Dumas. Not because of his ridiculous lines, everywhere sowing, Dumas have been resentment against him, do not recognize his father. Indulge in the pleasure quarters of his life, income, although many have squandered his later years, when it is debt, not to talk to students. Those girls were his life, and artists made use of rivers and lakes, before his death in 1870, and even a circus stunt dancer with the United States to elope.
louis vuitton outlet Dumas was a great gourmet soy sauce and duck his ability to adjust, just as famous as he wrote the novel. Although he is a superb tasting at home, but never drink alcohol, do not drink coffee, do not smoke.
laguna beach jeans He has a lot of stress at the time of writing, never in the desk next to the writing the script, but lying on the couch cushion with a soft pillow when writing. His paper, pens also have a requirement to write the novel with the blue, with yellow paper to write poetry, if you write to the magazine, the use of rose-colored outline. Used the pen, also have different, or quill, or brush, or pencil.
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Casanova of the Alexandre Dumas
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