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 Tongue feast

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coach bags In the sixth century BC in ancient Greece, there is a good fable about the man whose name was Aesop. "The wolf and the lamb," "The Farmer and the Snake" and other well-known fable of excellent, all he created. The era of Aesop's life, it is slavery period. In ancient Greece the land around whirring sound of a whip the slave owners, slaves of the blood and tears flow in rivers.
burberry scarf Aesop teens onwards, also as a "talking tool", was sold to a slave house. On one occasion, the owner told him to do a meal prepared by a rich feast, and specifically told him: dinner guests are all learned men, to try to get the best food entertain guests. What is the best dinner the guests food? Wise Aesop After much deliberation, finally made up his mind. He procured a variety of animal tongue, inventiveness to prepare a meal tongue feast. Feast began, the owner was served a look at the "tongue food," surprised, angrily asked how this is all about.
louis vuitton outlet Aesop calmly replied: "the tongue is the key to leading a variety of learning. People have a tongue to speak, to acquire knowledge, advocacy sense. This 'tongue dish', are not the best food?" Remarks, to put it owners and guests all laughed. After the feast, the master left the Aesop, Yaotouhuangnao Chi said: "Today the tables really good food and wine. Tomorrow, I would like to hold a banquet, but the worst dish you prepare." Aesop to see the owner is interested in make life difficult for him, but he calmly, promised a mouthful.
laguna beach jeans The next day, the guests have arrived. Cook served as Aesop, the master of stunned and speechless, did not expect to remain full of tongue. He was just angry, Aesop's owner conspire to mouth, ear and whispered: "saying:" loose lips'. Tongue is the worst thing the world ah! "See slave Aesop profound erudition, eloquence, he lifted his slave membership. Since then, Aesop, as a freeman, and began roaming and creative life.
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Tongue feast
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