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 Pascal is a "disease Sicko"

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Pascal is a "disease Sicko" Empty
PostSubject: Pascal is a "disease Sicko"   Pascal is a "disease Sicko" EmptyThu Dec 09, 2010 7:23 pm

coach bags Bulie Si is the famous French mathematician Pascal and thinkers. In his short life, has made many achievements: youth is a mathematician, inventor of youth is, middle age, Zeyi profound ideological inspiration of future generations. He is a genius, that is published 11 years old, 16-year-old made the famous "Pascal hexagon theorem", aged 17, invented the calculator, 23-year-old test of the atmospheric pressure ... ... but he is troubled "sick Sicko." To old age, and even into religion and superstition and can not extricate themselves.
burberry scarf Pascal DOB 19 June 1623 was born in the French province of Auvergne Mengcheng Koehler, his family is a liberal and wealthy, but Pascal's life is very tragic. He was 1 year old to suffer from tuberculosis and rickets, Nine Lives survived life living in the shadow of illness. From the age of 18, he is almost no day is happy and carefree. While 24-year-old youthful era, he was paralyzed because of stroke. Intestinal tuberculosis, headache disorders, paralysis of the legs even take neurasthenia, together to hit him. After repeated tone, multi-exercise, although able to lean the rod and line, but again can not restore health. His illness is extremely complex, as he thought, as always in mystery. French doctors Maytree has summarized the variety of ailments and the name "Pascal illusion" that Pascal "On one hand is a great character, on the other hand is a half-crazy."
louis vuitton outlet However, Pascal is in pain or illness, the study by the strong will and forget the pain of mathematical problems in his illness to keep pace with the genius to become the greatest scientists of the 17th century and one of the most profound thinkers. He originally did not believe in fate, but later fell into the fog of religion. 1654, in the history of Pascal's life, is a landmark year, he wrote that year, "the conversion of sinners," a text in order to begin the exploration of psychology and theology, he began to explore the religious fanaticism. November 23, 1654, Pascal distress carriage, two horses died of the Seine in Paris, but he was miraculously spared. That night, Pascal emotions, be revealed, wrote the prayer: "Father of integrity, and the world never knew you, but I already know you. I do not wish to leave you." After that, he moved to Royal Abbey, the final rest of his life in the fierce struggle with the universe and human suffering in the pursuit of raw truth.
laguna beach jeans June 1662, sick of Pascal and suffering severe abdominal colic disease, the condition deteriorated sharply. July, significantly more symptoms of dying. His confession was a priest and his famous talk, rumors Pascal's intemperate remarks on the past, have repented. August 19, generation genius stopped breathing. His face was rubbing down to shape the future statue. Two days later, he was buried in church.
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Pascal is a "disease Sicko"
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