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 Blind eyes of the mathematician Euler operator

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Blind eyes of the mathematician Euler operator Empty
PostSubject: Blind eyes of the mathematician Euler operator   Blind eyes of the mathematician Euler operator EmptyFri Dec 10, 2010 7:33 pm

coach bags Mathematician Euler (1707-1783) was Swiss, his childhood love of math, 26 years old to become a math professor. He developed a method of calculating planetary orbits, so they use this method to calculate a planet's orbit. Who would have thought the tragedy began.
burberry scarf At first he thought quickly computed from a full calculation on the table one day, but to no avail. He wondered if his own way out of problems, but check the results convinced him that right. So he continues to calculate, forget to eat, forget to sleep, another day passed, he faint to see some of his stuff to me,
louis vuitton outlet But what they can not grasp hands. Mathematicians have sore hands, and eyes stinging tears. However, his desire for the thing in front, he could not Fangxia Bi, my mind is full of these kinds of mathematical symbols. Until the third day, these symbols before converging to a wonderful figure!
laguna beach jeans This last data, like gold in the mathematician's eyes light numerous general radiology. But the instant the light gradually blurred, and eventually even disappear. Originally, due to too much tension, too hard, Euler's blind in one eye even tired! Several years later, the other eye is also blind.
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Blind eyes of the mathematician Euler operator
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