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 Hitler was obsessed with niece

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Hitler was obsessed with niece Empty
PostSubject: Hitler was obsessed with niece   Hitler was obsessed with niece EmptySun Dec 12, 2010 7:17 pm

coach bags In 1919, Hitler joined the German Workers Party (reorganized as the National Socialist Party the following year), in October 1923 failed power grab hands, more than a year in prison, after the re-release of the Nazis was a time when 32-year-old prime of life, life is not no woman . He has a half-sister Angela, already widowed, Ji Li left a daughter, mother and daughter depend on hometown. Hitler once wrote to her sister, said the inconvenience bachelor maid or secretary of employment, looking forward to her to come help. Angela After consideration, with a 17-year-old daughter Ji Li, Hitler came to upgrade the city and outside the next 40 years of Obama living in a villa rental Fort.
burberry scarf Hitler's niece, Li Ji, white skin, blond hair soft, square 17 years old, slim, lovely, and there singing talent. The energetic uncle, actually fell in love with the niece involuntarily. Ji Li weekdays when his uncle's secretary, work habits, better get the trust of his uncle. Father because she did not get an early age, and now the uncle and father, the warm anomaly, all day long to enjoy her pity Hitler, kissing, caressing and other "father", also taken for granted. However, in Angela's eyes, is significantly disturbed, they bring condemnation Ji Li warned not to over-familiarity with the uncle. Ji Li refused Hitler never actually given the "father", also can not talk about what embarrassed, maybe he or she remembers the first contact with the men, thus creating a future tragedy.
louis vuitton outlet Sure enough, not one year, I do not know how many times witnessed Angela Ji Li, from Hitler's bedroom wearing pajamas out, quarrel between mother and daughter do this several times, the result is always the mother to admit defeat. After moving to live in Hitler Ji Li Ming Hing urban rent in a 9-room floor, the most beautiful house in a while Angela is usual to stay in Fort villas Obama, the U.S. said it was asked her to take care of all here housing, in fact, isolated mother and daughter. Dragon has not at this time Hitler Germany, but has become a leader, he was very pleased with the Ji Li and sat with a luxury car with the progress. Angela once accused of secretly running Ji Li: "You This big belly how to do?" Asked her to leave the place immediately, Ji Li does not agree, say then Gou pregnant, it can be destroyed, Angela knew her daughter had fire Rumo difficult to save.
laguna beach jeans The prevailing circumstances, and Ji Li Hitler intends to marry his daughter Angela begging until the age of twenty-two or three further meetings, nothing more than hope for time to have to restore a miracle. With the character of the Hitler jealous, he loves Ji Li, restrict young men close to her, not even nod or smile permission, otherwise it is very unhappy. He told around: "middle-aged life can be sad." Refers to the older man and a young woman fell in love, be vigilant and beware of woman everywhere not to empathy. Ji Li it? Hitler enjoyed the "father", the instinct is still hope and life of a young handsome man, also wanted to Vienna, specializing in music, can not allow Hitler. Emotional and imaginative young woman is difficult to control, and soon fell in love with Ji Li actually Jewish Morris Hitler's driver, often to his room. Hitler knew immediately after the dismissal of the Morris, but also caused more bitter against the Jews.
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Hitler was obsessed with niece
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