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 Oscar Wilde good to wear fancy dress

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PostSubject: Oscar Wilde good to wear fancy dress   Oscar Wilde good to wear fancy dress EmptyMon Dec 13, 2010 7:28 pm

coach bags Wilde, a famous 19th century British writer, literary aestheticism representatives, with the "Happy Prince Collection" and "Portrait of Dorian Gray pottery." But his evening scene badly, he was in prison, and tortured to death.
burberry scarf Oscar Wilde Aestheticism advocated that the United States is the only eternal, the lack of beauty of life is boredom. Dominated by this idea, Wilde often wearing a fancy dress through the streets. The spring of 1881, Wilde wore his special outfit took to the streets, the results caused a stir. His dress did not look conspicuous: the retention shoulder-length hair, wearing women's upper body wearing a scarlet velvet jacket, shorts below, making the black silk stockings legs especially prominent, high-heeled leather women's feet the sound of shoes on the floor blah, Hang-yin sound. He's the dress, attracted the praise of some people, but also attracted many abuses.
louis vuitton outlet But Oscar Wilde own way, the next few years, he has been wearing the outfit, walking down the street for a time, leaving the whole of London knows the name of Oscar Wilde, there are many people watching every day, just him as a monster, 1882 years, Wilde came to the United States, set foot on American soil, he put on the set of fancy dress, only the United States is forever preaching everywhere, and he urged Americans love America, love of art. His speech, blowing everywhere, "Aestheticism Tornado", he continued to travel for a year, a significant influence.
laguna beach jeans Wilde, while in the pursuit of aestheticism, and a youth named Sir Alfred Douglas inseparable, and later even had sex, in defiance of all the ethical and moral way, Wilde went too far. Result, Douglas's father, Douglas Marquis seize the handle, go to court to sue Oscar Wilde, Oscar Wilde did not agree with the support of the Douglas is also charged Marquis. Consequences can be imagined, Marquis bit high potential strong, Wilde finally weathered in 1895 to impede the crime, was sentenced to two years imprisonment, a fine to do hard labor. Wilde had spent a miserable life in the rest of his life.
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Oscar Wilde good to wear fancy dress
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