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 The Duke of Windsor abdicated for love

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The Duke of Windsor abdicated for love Empty
PostSubject: The Duke of Windsor abdicated for love   The Duke of Windsor abdicated for love EmptyTue Dec 14, 2010 7:14 pm

coach bags January 26, 1936, King George V died, the eldest son in accordance with the royal succession laws, and this is Edward VIII. Edward married the queen's throne is still dangling. In fact, in love with Edward Field Senpu Wah Wah Liz Mrs. Johnson. She is a twice divorced American women. Edward to marry her if she would be queen of the British legal. It seems today that there is no fuss about.
burberry scarf Middle East, South America, what the king to discuss the one American film star, sex, and not still say after it? But then they do that to the British tradition, the queen must be a daughter of noble birth, the king never had any pro-American aristocrats, along with Mrs. Johnson is a Senpu divorced, according to conservative opinion, the world is difficult to master meter . Therefore, not only the royal family worried that Congress is raging emotions were running. Prime Minister Powell temperate hair is difficult, that make such a divorced woman who made the U.S. the British Queen, the British Empire will be a great insult. He roared in Congress wantonly, to Edward Johnson in the throne and his wife Senpu choose between.
louis vuitton outlet The history of the British royal family, the competition for the throne, would rather die than not to, do some fratricidal. But times are different, Edwards is also a deep sense of righteousness of the people. He can not have both love and the throne when the disdain honor, vowed to stay together with a loved one phase, would not be a king of a negative mind. Less than a year he was king, he voluntarily stepped down from the throne to save a British political crisis. The dust settles, a British subject was moved, and joy. In his abdication broadcast, he frankly said to his people: "there are not beloved companion support and assistance, it is difficult to fulfill the great responsibility King."
laguna beach jeans The demise of loyalty to the king of love, at night or steal from the British abdication to Austria. Senpu Mrs. Johnson and her ex-husband in divorce Cannes waiting after the expiration of the statutory procedures, the two that got married in June 1937. New King George VI ascended the throne, the canonization of the elder brother of the Duke of Windsor Xun Wang. Although Johnson Senpu the title Duchess automatically, but the then Prime Minister, Baldwin, but to defend the tradition and dignity in the name of the royal family, not allowed to call her "Your Highness" and not allow their children to enjoy the right of hereditary nobility title, almost total negation of the Si-Yin Wang Xun. Duke of Windsor married, and his wife from the first marriage, no children, then there is no question the world Xijue title.
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The Duke of Windsor abdicated for love
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