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 Count to marry divorced women Andros

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coach bags Andros UK is ranked 17th Earl of the King heirs. He graduated from Cambridge University, when he was at his alma mater Education Master, he met 29-year-old Master Scholar Tan M Xueni, her talent is very appreciated, Tan M Xueni not to the UK before, has been the University of Toronto study, graduation Then enter the University of Cambridge, majoring in sociology courses. She is fluent in English, French, German, quite a linguistic genius, Andros count on her at first sight, immediately launched an "offensive. " But Tan Xue Ni Ma divorced once, while the Catholic faith, the British royal family are all Anglicans, members and infidels are not allowed to get married, divorced women are especially taboo, the church has also rejected as heretics or divorced witnesses.
burberry scarf Andros is the Duchess of Earl's son, heir to the King is ranked 17th. Queen was alarmed by this affair, took power unchecked, Andros count not to surrender, was interested in abandoning the country away, the Queen was made conditional approval of their marriage. One of the conditions, not the wedding in London; Second, he will still inherit his father's Grand Duchess of the title, but not known as the "Royal Highness"; the third, his 17th heir to the throne disqualified.
louis vuitton outlet Andros is pleased to accept the three conditions the count, and finally he and Tan Xue Ni Ma Marriage Registry in Scotland, wedding, there is no religious ceremonies, the wedding 15 minutes to complete, guests sparse. Earl's mother the Duchess of Kent Scottish ceremony in person, but only wear civilian clothes, abandoned the royal pomp. Several royal bride who saw her tumble not help shed a tear. Later, Andros was appointed Earl of the Hungarian Embassy in the UK as a third-secretary.
laguna beach jeans A British royal family was hit by a lot of the Marriage Ordinance, first by Edward VIII to marry a divorced woman, was forced to abdicate and become the Duke of Windsor; followed by Michael Prince, his divorce to marry the woman, went to Austria Marriage , also lost "Your Highness, "the honorific title and the line of succession.
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Count to marry divorced women Andros
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