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 Khrushchev, vulgar language

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PostSubject: Khrushchev, vulgar language   Khrushchev, vulgar language EmptyThu Dec 16, 2010 7:13 pm

coach bags Following the Soviet Union after Stalin, Khrushchev's supreme leader, Western journalists often a sense of humor as one of his nature. However, Khrushchev's humor, not to laugh, and often provocative, to combat each other a stick. Moreover, the language of Khrushchev very vulgar, with a highly insulting.
burberry scarf During the 1959 Berlin crisis, British Prime Minister Macmillan visited Moscow, the proposed ministerial meeting held to resolve the dispute in Berlin. Khrushchev believes that such meetings do not solve the problem because they do not have the foreign ministers of the highest decision-making power. To illustrate the position of foreign minister in which Khrushchev blurted on McMillan said: "If I told Comrade Gromyko his pants, sitting on the ice, he did not dare disobey! " phrase if Humor Really vulgar.
louis vuitton outlet 1959, U.S. Vice President Richard Nixon visited the Soviet Union as, and Khrushchev had many talks and talks the two sides waged a war of words and a full debate. In one talks, Khrushchev took the lead, he asked Nixon why the U.S. Congress long ago adopted a hostile Soviet Union, "by Soviet domination and enslavement on the country's resolution ", a time, an unprecedented atmosphere of tense talks. Khrushchev: "The U.S. resolution was a serious provocation against the Soviet Union. I want to know is whether the United States would wage war next? " Nixon: "This resolution is just expressing our views, Is not a fighting word. Well, we talk about other issues now and then! "
laguna beach jeans Khrushchev: "I agree with the president's views, we should not talk back and forth always a problem. But I still have to figure out why the Congress of your country in the eve of such an important state visit to such a resolution passed? " said this Department, Khrushchev sounded angry, shouting gibberish about that. I saw the translation of his face flushed suddenly, and after a few seconds, barely put a few words translated: "The resolution stinks it! smell was like a horse just pull the feces, than anything else That stuff is more stink! "
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Khrushchev, vulgar language
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