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 Roosevelt's love tragedy

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coach bags Franklin Roosevelt was President of the prestigious United States, due to the special conditions of World War II and his extraordinary talents, he was President of the United States in the previous term of office is the longest. His allies in the war to attend the summit, always with a daughter in the side; his wife, Eleanor, presided over the wartime career of American social welfare, access to a good reputation. So a President Roosevelt, in the minds of many Americans is a fascinating family.
burberry scarf But who expected that the Roosevelt family was actually full of tragic family. Experienced a period of twelve years of Roosevelt's White House black maid Lillian, in the written memoirs, "A Roosevelt" in this account were deeply regrettable. The writer says, "It's hard together with the Roosevelt family had come"from the Roosevelt, the number of divorce see their children, it is. His daughter has had three husbands, three sons, had her eldest son and four women. There have been five times the second son of the marriage, the younger son married twice, in the brothers and sisters is the best.
louis vuitton outlet Roosevelt couples can be described as life together, but this is just a form. They love back in the early twenties began to alienate and moved into the White House, First Lady Eleanor dismissed the first thing all white servants, all hired blacks, because blacks tame disobedient, not the "scandalous" Linen in public. Roosevelt couples often exchange information the way, was actually written notes rather than dialogue. President and First Lady tolerated his private secretary, Miss Maize relationship between the fact of the lover, and the relationship between herself and her husband, as a friend, a kind of official business partnership.
laguna beach jeans As early as 1917, during Roosevelt's assistant secretary of Ren Haijun, Eleanor Christina twenty-private split, Miss Lucy's love letter to Roosevelt, Roosevelt forced reluctantly had to cut the surface of this relationship, but kept secret has been working with Lucy Affair. In one, his daughter Anna (Roosevelt on her credit over the trust of his wife) for his father and lover rendezvous arrangements. April 12, 1945, Roosevelt died, his head is a pillow in the arms of his lover's.
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Roosevelt's love tragedy
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