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 Mark Twain's apology

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Mark Twain's apology Empty
PostSubject: Mark Twain's apology   Mark Twain's apology EmptyMon Dec 20, 2010 7:38 pm

coach bags "Gilded Age" was published, the United States, a strong response from top to bottom, a reporter on the "gold member " of the truth of Mark Twain on exercise. So he once again showed that attitude in the banquet: "Some members in the United States Congress is a dog son of a bitch. "
burberry scarf Originally, the "Gilded Age"It's this pen spicy, sharp novel, exposing a deep ugly scars of American society, has lead to dissatisfaction with the bourgeoisie, the reporter then Mark, then the public is to the report, will undoubtedly add fuel to the fire. Enraged members of Congress, have asked Mark Twain Wen Chengqing or apology, or they will resort to the law.
louis vuitton outlet Mark Twain smiled and promised to apologize to the newspaper, a few days later, Mark Twain, members of Congress to the federal apology in the "New York Times " was published in:
laguna beach jeans "I recently spoke at the banquet, said that some members of Congress is the 'dog bitch', and afterwards send a punitive expedition was put to me, I reconsider that remark was inappropriate, so the Den newspaper statement, the following changes to my words Fortunately, understanding Kam Chi. ie: some U.S. Congress members are not dogs bitch! "
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Mark Twain's apology
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