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 "clumsy"scientific giant Einstein

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PostSubject: "clumsy"scientific giant Einstein   "clumsy"scientific giant Einstein EmptySun Dec 26, 2010 7:13 pm

coach bags Outstanding achievements in the face of so many people, maybe you will feel ashamed to say: "I so stupid, how can talent it?", "I was too plain, and is not expected to become a great great man!" Now I'll give you about a teachers, principals are stupid people who think his talent story. This person is Albert Einstein. This year was president of that "do not have a" stupid students, through hard work, became the founder and the founder of modern physics, has become the most distinguished modern physicists.
burberry scarf March 14, 1879, a little life was born in Germany, a small town called Ulm. His parents played a very promising name: Albert Einstein. Looked at his lovely appearance, his parents and placed all the expectation. However, not long before parents began to despair: the people's children are beginning to learn to speak, and now three years old Einstein was "babbling" learning language. Later, Einstein's sister, two years younger than he, and neighbors have been able to talk to Ma Jia, and Einstein began to talk but still hesitated, incoherently ... ...
burberry outlet Einstein looked dull manner, parents began to worry. They are worried whether his less than ordinary intelligence. Until the age of 10, parents only then send him to school. However, in school, Einstein was a teacher and the students laughed, we all called him "stupid guy." Schools require students to class all by the military on the password, due to Einstein's slow, often teacher snapped, standing. Some teachers even pointing to his nose and scolded: "This damn thing stupid, what courses can not keep up!"
laguna beach jeans A craft class, the teacher works from the students pick a very decent bench done to everyone, said: "I think the world might not be worse than this stool out!" In the laughter , Einstein stood up blushing: "I think that this stool is there!" Then he took out two more from the desk without a decent bench, said: "This is my first two times do to you is the third time, although not enough, much stronger than these two! "in one breath say so much, Einstein himself was surprised. The teacher is stunned and sat there I do not know what to say.
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"clumsy"scientific giant Einstein
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