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 China's outstanding mathematician Su Buqing

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PostSubject: China's outstanding mathematician Su Buqing   China's outstanding mathematician Su Buqing EmptyMon Dec 27, 2010 7:31 pm

coach bags Honorary president of Fudan University, honorary chairman of the Chinese Mathematical Society, Chinese Academy of Sciences Su Buqing (1902.9.23-) is a highly respected old mathematician. Except when he was director of the NLD Central Services Committee, the is China's seventh and eighth CPPCC National Committee Vice-Chairman. He was born in Pingyang County, Zhejiang Province Township Tengjiao zone of a peasant family, his parents had 13 children, he is second son. Childhood will help families mowing, pigs, cattle.
burberry scarf Due to family poverty, six failed to attend school. His cattle passing day private school, to secretly overhear the teacher ran to the window to peek at teaching. Later, his father saw him so love to study, eat in his family at age 9, cereals, rice, save, borrow a few dollars, picked up a bear-meter, took him to 100 in the home only a Pingyang elementary school admission. After he met some of the words to your own books to read, read "Three Kingdoms", "Water Margin", and even a child can not talk about Foxes and Ghosts understand the "Strange" was also he read fifteen or twenty times.
burberry outlet Pingyang County, the language has a strange phenomenon: people in the countryside Su Buqing Minnan dialect-speaking, two or three hundred years ago, Quanzhou, Zhangzhou, Fujian Nanan a group of people go there to avoid the vicinity of Japanese immigration chaos, so the border region of southern Zhejiang northern Fujian Some people are speaking and gentle southern Fujian dialect, and the people in the county say the volume is large, strange sounds, Wenzhou, then the gap between the two languages like Italian and Russian. Su Buqing ditch from the beginning to the county Qiongshan, as strange, everything was new Grand View Garden, careless play all day reading, coupled with the language barrier, the results of final exams, is the class of 32 people last.
laguna beach jeans The next year, more than 10 years away from his home in Water Town, run from the center of a primary school, his father transferred him to a school where the teacher about the book is Taiwanese, Su Buqing class is understood. However, the teacher looked down upon as poor family, and once in the composition, Su Buqing wrote a serious article Wen Qing and Mao, the teacher said he copied, and later the teacher asked the next batch of injustice still a "poor" scores, which undermines Su Buqing's self-esteem of small, after he did not lecture, and play hard, of course, last year he was a test.
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China's outstanding mathematician Su Buqing
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