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 Creation of non-Euclidean Lobachevsky

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Creation of non-Euclidean Lobachevsky Empty
PostSubject: Creation of non-Euclidean Lobachevsky   Creation of non-Euclidean Lobachevsky EmptyWed Dec 29, 2010 7:40 pm

coach bags In 1893, in Kazan University establish the world's first statue of a mathematician. The Russian mathematician is a great scholar, a founder of the non-Euclidean geometry of the base roba Qiefu (HNJIoqaheBCKNN ,1792-1856). Non-Euclidean geometry is a creative human knowledge in the history of great achievement, its founder,
louis vuitton outlet Not only brought tremendous progress in mathematics over the past century, and modern physics, astronomy and change the concept of human time and space have had a profound impact. However, this important mathematical discovery made in the Lobachevsky after a long period of time, not only failed to win social recognition and praise, but was all distorted, criticism and attack, so that non-Euclidean geometry of the New theory lingering academic recognition.
burberry outlet Lobachevsky in the attempt to solve the problem of Euclidean fifth postulate the process, took his findings from the failure of the road. The fifth Euclidean postulate problem is well-known mathematical problems in the history of one of the oldest. It is first proposed by the ancient Greek scholars come. 3rd century BC, the Greek school of the founder of Alexandria Euclid (Euclid, about BC 330 BC - 275) set the culmination of the previous geometry, writing the history of mathematics is extremely far-reaching mathematical masterpiece "Geometry. "
laguna beach jeans The importance of this work is that it is axiomatic system established by the earliest example of scientific theory. In this work, the Euclidean geometry to deduce all propositions, one begins to give the five axioms (for all science), and five of the Public (only used in geometry), as a logical deduction Premise. "Elements " of the notes and comments are those of the first four of five axioms and postulates are very satisfied, with the exception of the fifth postulate (the parallel axiom) was questioned.
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Creation of non-Euclidean Lobachevsky
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