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 China's horses bear the mathematical community to celebrate

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China's horses bear the mathematical community to celebrate Empty
PostSubject: China's horses bear the mathematical community to celebrate   China's horses bear the mathematical community to celebrate EmptyThu Dec 30, 2010 7:25 pm

coach bags When people praise Maxima will always remember the horses know the horse. In praise of China Hua scientific community, they will not forget his teacher, a pioneer of modern mathematics in China - Qing to bear. Xiong Qing years (1893-1969), the word di, Yunnan Maitreya people, 18 years old admitted to the Higher School of Yunnan Province, 20-year-old went to the Belgian school of mining, and then to study in France and a doctorate. He is mainly engaged in the function of research, defines a "function of infinite order", the international community is called Xiong infinity.
louis vuitton outlet Xiong Qing to love education for the training of scientific personnel in China and made outstanding contributions. In 1930, Tsinghua University, when he was Head of the Department of Mathematics, from academic journals found in the name of Hua, Hua understand mathematical talent self-learning experience and after, decided to break the routine, make only the 19-year-old junior high school education The Hua to Tsinghua University. To celebrate the cultivation of the bear, the Hua later became a famous mathematician.
burberry outlet Many famous scientists of all his students. In more than 70 years old, he Although hemiplegia, but also be ill guide two graduate students, this is the young mathematician Yang Le and Zhang thick. Xiong Qing to cherish and nurture talent noble character, by the people's praise and admiration. As early as 1921, he was Southeast University (Nanjing University) professor, I found a very talented student named Liu, often pointing his reading and research. And a later taught Professor Liu Guangde, the Liu family was poor co-financed study abroad, and send him on time and cost of living.
laguna beach jeans On one occasion, to celebrate or even sell their bears wearing leather gown, send money to Liu. Liu Guangcheng after the famous physicist, often with great emotion to bring this back, he said: "The professors do I sell skin robe, heard a decade later, when I was moved to tears. This Thing to me is a memorable, everlasting life can not forget. He was concerned about how our generation, how much to pay a great enthusiasm and love it! "
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China's horses bear the mathematical community to celebrate
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