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 Huxley's story of self-taught

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Huxley's story of self-taught Empty
PostSubject: Huxley's story of self-taught   Huxley's story of self-taught EmptyTue Jan 04, 2011 7:16 pm

coach bags Huxley (1825 ~ 1895), British naturalist and former President of the British Association for the Advancement of Science, London University. Life in science and research, actively promote and defend Darwin's evolution theory, is the first scholar raised the issue of human origin. Huxley was born in West London, Erin, age 8, began to go to school. As a poor family, read a couple of years stopped Huxley learned. But his love of study, self-study every day, in his own formulation of the education curriculum, only leaving a project: to read. Huxley study hard and get up before dawn every day to study.
louis vuitton outlet Because my family was poor, no money to buy the desk, lit a candle on Huxley, the blanket draped over her shoulders, then sat on the bed reading. Huxley's interest in learning a wide variety of what are interested. Want to study civil engineering at the beginning, but also wants to engage in bridge construction; and later turned to medicine, with his father a friend of specialized medical training. Because of his smart, studious, and soon got some medical knowledge. But when he want to go to College of Surgeons of advanced studies, because of young age, unable to do so.
burberry outlet Huxley very strong thirst for knowledge, learning and never satisfied, he was in his spare time, but also taught himself French, German, Italian, Latin and Greek and other languages, as great a self-taught scholar. In the age of 21, Huxley, as he made the Navy Medical the most meaningful of his life first adventure voyage, according to the voyage of knowledge and research, he published a paper - "On the anatomy of jellyfish" Received high praise from the scientific community, and received the Royal Medal, was elected member of the Royal Society.
laguna beach jeans Since then, Huxley taking the further step. Then published a series of books and papers, and soon became the youngest England, the most promising scientists. Darwin published "Origin of Species, "a book, he tried to support and promote the evolution theory. In order to defend Darwin's theory, Huxley in the next 30 years, changed their direction of academic research in favor of vertebrate fossils.
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Huxley's story of self-taught
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