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 Dexia fell off the train President Neil

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Dexia fell off the train President Neil Empty
PostSubject: Dexia fell off the train President Neil   Dexia fell off the train President Neil EmptyWed Jan 05, 2011 9:56 pm

coach bags January 17, 1920, Paul elected officials entered the Elysee, the French Third Republic to become the tenth president. Priori to be Xia Neier nervous, brash, annoying red tape. As he is elected president, business complex, overwhelmed, Dexia Nell began to talk disorders, acting strangely, and eventually developed into insanity, on the brink of collapse, had to resign as president after serving eight months.
louis vuitton outlet During his tenure the most sensational thing the media is that he fell from the train. May 23, 1920 afternoon, while Dexia Neil cold but still decided to go Mengbulisong unveiled a monument to Senator Raymond. Evening 9:30 train left the Gare de Lyon. Car 44 people including the president. Train bathed in soft moonlight sail Mengbulisong.
burberry outlet Next 4:58, the train station in Mullan stay a minute, the station's employees to a telephone transcript, an accompanying officials to the president, which said: "A man fell off the train from the President. "This message seems incredible, did not attract attention, to the destination of the train did not hesitate to Mercedes-Benz. 5:04 to reach Saint Germain De Fushi station, came from the station and the new message: "A claim is Dexia Mr. Neil passenger train fell from the President. "
laguna beach jeans Officials would not know that this news refers to the President Neil Dexia fell train, but they are not given attention, or that they believe the president will not fall off the train. To find out whether the train was fall, officials decided to name all the cars, the result was 43 or 44, because do not want to bother the president. Then the train to move on if nothing had happened.
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Dexia fell off the train President Neil
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