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 Maugham was underestimated

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Maugham was underestimated Empty
PostSubject: Maugham was underestimated   Maugham was underestimated EmptyThu Jan 06, 2011 7:07 pm

coach bags British writer Somerset Maugham is the author of the few rich, and he was humorous by nature, was hit several times people underestimate. One day, after he worked all day, feeling very tired, so went to a fancy restaurant to eat dinner. But he was tired enough to even have no interest in looking at the menu, so do not look at the menu together, and the waiter said: "as you please, as long as me to get some delicious food on the line. "
louis vuitton outlet Waiter who really conduct itself and the line, he was a few price points for Maugham also good to eat expensive food. Too tired, Maugham eat very comfortable, so he gave the flight attendant tip is particularly high. Waiter who took the money, said happily: "Sir, next time you have a non-literate friends,
burberry outlet Please tell me good. "Maugham right arm pain due to old age affect the writing, so he went to the doctor the diagnosis and treatment. The doctor will check again right Maugham's right arm after the warning he said: "Sir, you will not write! The status of your fingers hold a pen is also wrong, and you position on the right arm on the table is not right. "
laguna beach jeans Maugham heard the doctor's diagnosis, the dissatisfied, said: "But, Mr. Doctor, I have written this way for decades. " After the doctors listened to the words of Maugham great disapproval, lamented: "Poor man, you Therefore wrong for decades. "
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Maugham was underestimated
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