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 Lenin's growth story

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PostSubject: Lenin's growth story   Lenin's growth story EmptyTue Jan 11, 2011 9:36 pm

coach bags 1887 spring day, a serious young man went to look the Volga river. He spoke not a word, gazing at the rushing river, seemed to think something. After a child, he suddenly raised his fist heavily hit a small tree in the next, slowly and firmly said:
louis vuitton outlet "No, we do not take this road, this road should not go!" Then the young man feeding his solemnly to the Volga River deep bow, looked to the distant view, two hot and exposed light and full of hope. The young man, is just 17 years old Vladimir? Illich? Ulyanovsk. He had just received a dear brother Sasha was hanged news Tsar Alexander III, the grief of heart abnormalities before they get out to live in home, came to the broad Volga River.
burberry outlet Sasha is involved in the murder of Tsar Alexander III died. At the time, the Russian people bear autocratic and corrupt rule of the Czar, have them fight. Sasha with some honest intellectuals, organized a "popular party." Enthusiasm of their struggle, but still can not find a correct revolutionary path, and thus put the country backward and suffering of the people, comes down to the czar personally head. March 1881, the "opinion of the party" formed a killing team, in the street with bombs killed Alexander II. But not too long, Alexander III and stage, and still followed the old Tsarist political system, people are still living in misery.
laguna beach jeans The simple knowledge of youth, once again organize some key elements, among them Sasha. Their hatred, and again to assassinate the Tsar, the Tsar can be well prepared this time, the assassination of anti-minors caught by the enemy, Sasha was a very brave performance, in order to preserve the revolutionary strength and their commitment to one person down as a result, they hated the czar . Sasha will be ordered to hang.
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Lenin's growth story
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