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 Newton school under the fence

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PostSubject: Newton school under the fence   Newton school under the fence EmptyThu Jan 13, 2011 7:17 pm

coach bags Many world famous scientists, family is poor. They are on the road to success, have made the situation with the plight of a stubborn struggle. Newton is also the situation of youth is very sympathetic. Newton was born in England in 1642 an ordinary peasant's home. Shortly before Newton was born, his father died. In that year he was two years old his mother remarried. When Newton was fourteen, his stepfather passed away unfortunately, and the mother returned home, Newton was forced to drop out to go home, to help the mother earned their living.
louis vuitton outlet Mother wants to develop his independent living, buying and selling agricultural products to his business. What a studious child reluctant to leave the beloved school ah! He sadly crying a few times, the mother has not change his mind, and finally had to against their will by his mother to learn business. Every morning, he and an old servant to the Shiji Li outside the large town to do business.
burberry outlet Newton did not like the business, all transactions are submitted to senior citizen servants operate, himself secretly went to a place to study. It takes time, Newton was the more offensive of business, just like reading the mind. Later, Newton's simply not the business town, and only told his old servant to go alone. Fear of family discovered, he went out every day together with the old servant, to stop halfway, in a study under the fence. Every afternoon when the servant returned, and then go home together. In this way, day after day, the hedge in the reading life is pretty fun.
laguna beach jeans One day, he was reading with great interest under the fence, Ganqiao be seen crossing the uncle. Uncle, a look at this scenario, it is angry rant that he ought not; to grab over Newton's book. A look at his uncle read a math book, painted all the marks, and my heart was touched. Uncle hugged Newton, said excitedly: "My child, according to your aspirations for the development of it, you should be reading the right way."
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Newton school under the fence
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