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 Princess of the most eccentric

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PostSubject: Princess of the most eccentric   Princess of the most eccentric EmptyFri Jan 14, 2011 7:13 pm

coach bags In a world, the funniest most bizarre aristocratic, non-Federal Republic of Germany's Princess Gloria must go. Her hair style maverick, rather like thorns; her strange dress, her beloved motorcycle, strapped link. She is a lone "Woman." Often riding motorcycles Kenshin, wandering around Europe. Princess Gloria's husband, Prince Johannes - Germany one of the richest of the rich, family wealth over three billion U.S. dollars.
louis vuitton outlet Their residence is a large 500-room castle, bigger than Buckingham Palace in England. Around the world, he also has 11 Holiday House, enjoy the world and great wealth. Their lives, and luxury to the extreme. Nice 60th birthday of Prince John and his lovely wife of 26 years, spared no expense, spending $ 750,000 feast decorations, carnival days.
burberry outlet Princess born of a come down in the aristocratic homes, 20 years old Prince Johannes married. First four years of marriage, Princess behave at home, and the Prince had three children. But then, she temperament changed dramatically changed the shy introverted style, as "touch g" dress up, play around. Her hair, like a feather duster, covered with chain link wrist on the set of "Hell's Angels-style" bracelet.
laguna beach jeans Contrary to general expectations, her husband, not only do not blame her, or even learn her husband sing with the women, both with pleasure. Once, the couple, a trendy nightclub in Munich, seize the day, the prince found a can of hair removal agent. He aimed at the 20 reception expensive leather, chaotic spray indiscriminately, hair falling one after another. Leather master was furious, but the Prince nonchalantly call them and buy new ones, the money paid by him.
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Princess of the most eccentric
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