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 Violent clashes between the rocket locker room reporter

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Violent clashes between the rocket locker room reporter Empty
PostSubject: Violent clashes between the rocket locker room reporter   Violent clashes between the rocket locker room reporter EmptyTue Jan 18, 2011 7:57 am

coach outlet Beijing January 15 (Houston time Jan. 14 news), the Rockets home game against the Hornets, the Rockets had a maximum

lead of 16 points, but still lost a good Board, was the Hornets lost into overtime ,105-110 opponents. After the game, the locker room just opening, Brooks to upstream, through

the journalists who poured into the locker room, hoodies hats stood up with the head left in a hurry.
coach handbags Players lose not only a bad mood, intent to leave early, in the locker room interview, with journalist Jonathan

for many years to follow the rocket - Fagan is also great anger, Shane Battier in the interview, he stood in a Spanish language television reporter in front of the camera behind

the camera for Fagan holding himself to the local, ordinary love rare joke Fagan argue over with each other: "No, do not so to do, this is not a person's interview
louis vuitton outlet Put your stuff (camera) take away from my face! "The camera's anger is not small, rumble, and Fagan

said, and seeing more and more temper two people, the staff quickly sprang into two separate, each one would be cool. Battier has been temper Fagan shocked, stared at Fagan,

Fagan died down a mood, asked Shane Battier: "When is leading the Rockets have become accustomed to losing? "
louis vuitton outlet The reporters and the enthusiasm of the players are not rocket high, past the locker room laughing

Yingying, due to the recent downturn and record a game today, it is very boring.
true religion jeans Adelman is used in conjunction of two "I do not know" to answer what happened in this game, "we need someone to

stand up, they (the Hornets) full control of the game."
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Violent clashes between the rocket locker room reporter
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