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 Shane Battier: Budinger do not mind being robbed of time

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Shane Battier: Budinger do not mind being robbed of time Empty
PostSubject: Shane Battier: Budinger do not mind being robbed of time   Shane Battier: Budinger do not mind being robbed of time EmptyFri Jan 21, 2011 6:49 pm

coach bags Rockets at Toyota Center today, the training, Sean - Shane Battier interviewed expressed the Grizzlies should pay attention to offensive rebounds and their pitcher. The recent performance of the rocket, Battier said, "In January we have hit this level, and hopes to continue to increase. If the schedule becomes favorable, then later, when we went to use it. We played better, For us, this is a very important two games of Memphis and Orlando, they played well recently, but I feel that we can reverse the situation. "
louis vuitton outlet New York Knicks yesterday when talking about his playing time decreased, and only 23 minutes, when asked this question, Shane Battier did not mind, laughing, "I like it, Chase (Budinger) yesterday night played well, this situation well, different guy to the end of the game, you do not know who played good performance, this is a good experience. "A reporter asked the coach generally do not like this situation, do not know who arranged the end game, Shane Battier to this, explains: "We do not have the kind of star players, so we need a team approach to end game. the young players will benefit from many of you in this case experience, the more understanding of how to do the fourth quarter. "
burberry outlet Rockets played well against Memphis, Battier said he had played for the Grizzlies and there is no big reason, "We played well against them, because we went after that, played a lot of energy, I really want to To win this game, we win the game to win the deciding game on our favorable ranking. "Rockets 23 wins Southwest Section 4.20 Negative; Grizzlies Southwest Fifth, the 19 wins 23 losses, which The key to success is really a game.
laguna beach jeans In addition to Chuck Zach defense, limiting Rudy - Gay, Shane Battier said the two men can not be ignored, "Their strengths are shooting, we know they are a good team and we play well to beat them. Conley is the pitcher, OJ Mayo is a good pitcher, we want them to stay away from restricted areas, they are very good offensive rebounding team in the league five, you want to control the rhythm, the same as for most teams expect this to work. "
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Shane Battier: Budinger do not mind being robbed of time
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