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 Mr. 100% more data than the emperor to power 2

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Mr. 100% more data than the emperor to power 2 Empty
PostSubject: Mr. 100% more data than the emperor to power 2   Mr. 100% more data than the emperor to power 2 EmptySun Jan 23, 2011 6:45 pm

coach outlet In the Heat's game against Toronto, Mike - Miller, without a doubt the biggest highlight of the audience, although the score than LeBron - James, but his strong play in no doubt beyond the arc a shot in the arm of Miami, too much to force it! However, Miller is still such a dazzling performance of the data on him behind a teammate, that is, the efficiency of the value of the players. Who is an expert today, the efficiency of the Heat's first? - Mario Chalmers is also! From the data, by starting the second time this season, Chalmers opportunities such as Miller, so this is not eye-catching (the first Yinkaluosi - Arroyo private business.)
louis vuitton outlet However, Chalmers shot 3 times today, all on the outside, no one missed, in addition to four rebounds and one blocked shots, and a team-high 9 assists, so the efficiency of the performance of course, amazing. Prior to the Heat this season, only James - Jones had a 100% when Mr. Chalmers is the second. Talking about the efficiency value, Chalmers played 35 minutes in his presence and margin of victory of 20 points during the Heat, than James (+13) and Jones (+16) are high.
burberry outlet The first section of the opening of a minute or so, to assist James Chalmers - Jones hit beyond the arc, and then he received LeBron - James pass, fired himself succeeded beyond the arc. The first section of 7 minutes 37 seconds left when the top of the arc Chalmers ball attack, a series of footwork break Jose - Calderon, the third line of the ball to the left bottom corner of Jones, is one-third hit. Section Chalmers played only 8 minutes, but sent two assists in return for 6 points, he still hit the third. In the Heat of the lineup, Chalmers to have this play has been very good.
cheap coach bags There are three giants as teammates, the offensive focus not on such a small role Chalmers body. Big Three to play outside the space, come with one-third of players like Jones, and Miller is a. Although Miller had not been playing because of injury, but his original intention to recruit the Heat took a fancy to his scoring ability. After the exclusion of these guys out, leaving room for Chalmers, in fact, pitiful, can pass, can occasionally hit one or two balls, enough. So Chalmers play today, to better illustrate his value.
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Mr. 100% more data than the emperor to power 2
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