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 Denver Speed King singled out the United Arab eat large cap

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Denver Speed King singled out the United Arab eat large cap Empty
PostSubject: Denver Speed King singled out the United Arab eat large cap   Denver Speed King singled out the United Arab eat large cap EmptyWed Jan 26, 2011 6:51 pm

coach outlet Washington Wizards at the just-concluded home loss to the Denver Nuggets 109-120, Yi played the whole section in the distal, played 12 minutes, 9 voted 5 to get 10 points 4 rebounds and 1 blocks not only outstanding performance in the offensive end , but also very good at the defensive end of the limits on the opponent's breakthrough. As we all know, as a 7-foot, exercise is very good, with a range as far as the big three-point line, the United Arab can play small forward, power forward and center three positions. But in the game, the United Arab coach at first and did not get Philip - Saunders trust, until the fourth quarter did get playing time, and the role played backup center. A United in the fifth position to do good? Put aside the role of the offensive end,
coach outlet But the UAE as a center, on the defensive end's performance did remarkable, best embodies this point is undoubtedly his Nuggets Wizard Houwei Tai - Lawson's defense. Wizards of the game on the biggest threat to the Nuggets player who is? Not a single game with 23 points in the Carmelo Anthony - Anthony, after all, only 20 voted 8, 9, do not cast a single market within the inner 8 - Hilario, after all, inside the Wizards have 25 points in a single field Andre - Bu Laiqie.
burberry outlet In fact, the most threatening player the Wizards, is 6-10 audience, but also fight off the bench to 5 free throws in Lawson. Lawson's scary is that his flexibility, though not necessarily his speed than that of John - Wall fast, but his stature is more short, small area of activity better, so his ability to cut more. Only the first half, Lawson scored 6 to 5 vote scored 12 points in the third quarter he scored the final 1 minute 5 minutes 09 seconds, and send one assist, two points directly to the poor expanded from 88-75 to 96-79.
cheap coach bags But when, after the United Arab appearance in the fourth quarter, Lawson has no contribution - this is not because he did not get playing time, Lawson, playing on consecutive nights in the fourth quarter, but only get 2 rebounds 1 assist 1 errors only, which is a credit to the United Arab. As a backup center, did not like the United Arab Javier - Maggie Lawson as waiting to cut and then tried to cover - in fact, when Lawson was complete this spirit Aerial players add up the speed, the McKee difficult to cover; this game, Lawson had played out with air, tie off McKee abdomen.
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Denver Speed King singled out the United Arab eat large cap
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