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 Golden lotus corrupt: surface

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coach outlet: surface lotusFoot constraint is a golden custom
Young girls in China for more than one thousand years, from about the tenth century
Until the early 20th century.

Now people want to know such a kind of extreme abnormalities may be considered as a kind of
Beauty, but mostcoach bags people shocked the great pain in humans
What is the effective pursuit is bisexual.

The premature death, corrupt started young girl's foot was wrapped in tight
To prevent them from growing, coach handbagsbandage as is generally,4-6 besides never increase 10-15 inches (cm).

Four little cheap coach bagstoe on a girl's feet, within one year will be broken
Combined, Only the big toe is still intact. One of the arch is developed
A perfect nature "lotus". The most ideal is the result of an inch
Golden lotus, called. A 4 inches (10 centimeters), called the anemones, is
Considered acceptable.
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Golden lotus corrupt: surface
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