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 Inter end there is a person not to use weapons

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Inter end there is a person not to use weapons Empty
PostSubject: Inter end there is a person not to use weapons   Inter end there is a person not to use weapons EmptyWed Feb 23, 2011 7:55 pm

coach outlet Past fall by the wayside 0-1 home loss to Bayern Munich, Inter Milan's soldiers were obviously disappointed to spend a sleepless night. Watch the Inter Milan players lack technique and anxious state of mind break, presumably this time, a person who will be extremely missed, and that is injured Milito missed Argentina prince. Although before the game rushed to return to Italy from Argentina, but Milito is still not excluded by physical examination in the game, the
coach outlet Although Milito poor state of the season, but I am afraid that no one watched the game like a sigh: Zhihen Milito is not! And Bayern Munich, Leonardo Eto'o up front in addition, there is no other credible candidates. Pandev bear reuse, until the end of the show did not have access to appearances, a lone striker Samuel Eto'o only one starter too weak to fight.
burberry outlet Eto'o really brave enough, Bayern Munich, also can not be called more solid defense, but even so, Inter Milan to the audience, still unable to break the opponents goal - and after years of stop 16 different Inter Milan , the game's lore to create opportunities for Inter Milan and Bayern no less than the winner, but the lack of precision and luck, and run into a brave invincible Kraft, Inter did not break. However, this is inefficient and wasteful, and people get extremely miss Milito,
cheap coach bags Or accurate to say that last season Milito. 9 months ago in the Champions League final, Milito broke in two excellent opportunities in the right way with the most complete break, Inter fans were regarded as miracles. That breakdown of the Bernabeu if the battle and the Inter Milan game the opportunity to obtain the absolute number, perhaps even the Inter game a little more, but do nothing, Milito not play, so not a strong, determined to become Leonardo spot Array also can not do anything without straw.
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Inter end there is a person not to use weapons
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