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 Clippers trade Knight official website confirmed

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PostSubject: Clippers trade Knight official website confirmed   Clippers trade Knight official website confirmed EmptyThu Feb 24, 2011 7:52 pm

coach outlet Beijing on February 25 morning, after the final league approval, the Clippers and Cleveland teams of the deal was reached. Byron beard - and 2011 first-round draft pick Davis was sent to Cleveland in return, the Clippers will be the Knights Houwei Mo - Jama Williams and swingman Rio - Moon. Both teams then formally published in the official news network will also complete the notice. In fact, when the deal was exposed in an earlier post, but also caused a media uproar. On the one hand point of view,
coach outlet Bearded captain and champion Blake - is getting better with Griffin, the team are in a good chemical reaction develop. Secondly, in this season of "Little Emperors" after the switch to Miami, MO - Williams, the state is deteriorating, and even suffered serious injuries. The deal may be the only thing that the past is that Clippers owner Donald - Stirling does not like Davis. As early as the beginning of the season, more than once publicly criticized the Davis Stirling to a highly paid, the performance is not satisfactory. Even in some public occasions,
burberry outlet Sterling Davis also described as "big fat man." The trade deadline to bid farewell to the captain beard, how to look how the practice of wishful thinking, as Stirling. This season, Davis and Little Mo is similar to both the statistics and what can not be strong at a glance what is weak. Davis, the Clippers played a total of 45 games, averaging 12.6 points and 7 assists in the performance; the other hand, small Mo, due to trapped injuries, he represents only 36 Knights of the NBA season games, averaging 13.3 points and 7.1 assists in the data.
cheap coach bags Davis and Little Mo is no doubt the two bulk of the deal, but add the first, the Knights also sent a "moon man" Moon. Moon is not a good situation this season, on behalf of the Knights of the 39 games, the Moon is only 4.6 points and averaged 2.8 rebounds contribution. In return, the Clippers will be a first-round 2011 draft pick sent to Cleveland, and is worth mentioning that this pick was no overall protection.
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Clippers trade Knight official website confirmed
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