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 Exposure or flash back Ronaldo

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PostSubject: Exposure or flash back Ronaldo   Exposure or flash back Ronaldo EmptyFri Feb 25, 2011 8:10 pm

coach outlet Legendary football Ronaldo announced his retirement last week, bid farewell to the moment, Ronaldo is sad tears skirts. Ronnie fans in left heartbroken for the idol, when a tragic separation would seem to happy ending. According to the German "Kicker" said Anthony Lake, the Russian special forces in Grozny over the formal invitation to the Ronnie, I hope the aliens will return to consider the condition is a contract worth 5.8 million euros.
coach outlet The initial source of news in Russia, local media "Tvoi Den" broke the news, last season ranked 12th in the Russian Super Special Grozny, an official invitation Lexus team hope that the aliens back to lightning, to accept a contract for the year and a half worth 5.8 million euros contract. Once the decision went to the Russian super, Ronaldo was not alone, friend Robert - Carlos few days ago to join the Russian team over Makhachkala. Currently, a lot of money for the value of the contract before us, Ronaldo did not make it clear.
burberry outlet A few days ago, when Ronnie announced his retirement at the reasons given to health reasons, constant injuries and thyroid function decline to aliens suffered enough. Luo reluctantly left when the big, helpless expression, "I am so happy to leave the cause is very difficult, to be honest, I had wanted to go on." Subsequently indicated that it wants to have the opportunity finally selected a national team. All the signs suggest
cheap coach bags Ronnie perhaps from within the heart really is not ready to leave preparations. On the other hand, the Netherlands had just assumed office as marshal Gullit Grozny, the new special teams coach Rex, the team is recruiting around, the full impact of European competition. If the comeback rumors come true, look at the legend of the two times together, and then look forward to old age and performance under the alien, even in the face like lightning back casual farce, perhaps no one will blame Ronaldo retired in haste.
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Exposure or flash back Ronaldo
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