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 Triple-double actually made by the center!

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Triple-double actually made by the center! Empty
PostSubject: Triple-double actually made by the center!   Triple-double actually made by the center! EmptySun Feb 27, 2011 8:37 pm

coach outlet Beijing Feb. 27 news, the Houston Rockets beat the New Jersey Nets to get smooth after three straight All-Star break, in Sean - Shane Battier left, Chuck - Chuck Hayes as the Rockets defense banner. Although he is not the most eye-catching Rockets player, but he is the cornerstone of the team win. Hayes was caught in foul trouble the first half, giving his playing time to bring a certain influence, and his contribution has not been weakened, and he shot 3 7 8 points, 11 rebounds, 7 assists and 2 blocked shots, he used to help the team overall performance.
coach outlet Hayes has been a weak storm defensive player, was traded along with Shane Battier, the Rockets more emphasis on defense Hayes's performance, he met the first half foul trouble, which the Rockets and his co- prevention and fill the seats on the most active players. In the past, Hayes frequently when inside big man-mark the outstanding performance of Dirk - Dirk Nowitzki, Andrew - Andrew Bynum, who are in front of his defense not do anything today, Hayes continued this performance His defense let Brook - Lopez power greatly reduced,
burberry outlet Nets inside scoring threat the most although recorded 21 points, but his place in the Hayes, he was not on account of any cheap, offensive doldrums for some time he also brought to the Nets as a whole is not a small attack effects. Defense obvious, Hayes has done on the protection of the rebound is quite in place, he grabbed a team-high 11 rebounds, relying on his competition for the active rebounds, the Rockets did not lose the rebounding battle in the to the opponents too much. In addition to playing defensive stability, Hayes is also no shortage of offensive bright spot, though the Rockets scored the only starter not in double players
cheap coach bags However, the impact of Hayes in the paint to the Nets was the interior defense trouble. In addition, as the season, Hayes offensive system in the team's role is also growing, he became the offensive team is a very important organization in the passing point. The whole game, 7 assists after Hayes Kyle - Lowry, he became the Rockets players most likely to pass the ball inside. Although Hayes offensive abilities inside, but he Qiuhou can attract each other's defense, the ball of his positive and reasonable, to other teammates have created a lot of good shots.
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Triple-double actually made by the center!
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