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San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge spans more than 1900 m of the Golden Gate Strait, connecting Northern California and the San Francisco Peninsula, due to vehicular traffic and a lot of the Golden Gate Bridge will always traffic jams.

coach bagsGolden Gate Bridge Drive was originally designed for the "4 +4" model, that between the Drive are the four, this is a very traditional design. Local government for the failure to resolve the issue of traffic jams are a headache, if the Golden Gate Bridge financing construction of a second, it must have cost Shangyimeiyuan, the local government decided to come up with 10 million U.S. dollars to the community assembly solutions.
coach handbagsEnd of a program for young people recognized by the local government, and his solution is the original "4 +4" Drive to "6 +2" Drive, south of the Drive for the morning of 6, north of the Drive for 2 Article in the afternoon, by contrast, north to south for six for two.
His trial immediately after the program has achieved remarkable results, long troubled by traffic jams problems immediately. The traditional "4 +4" Drive ignore the direction of the peak of vehicle travel: the morning caused the public to work south of the Drive crowded, the people at work caused the car to the congestion. The "6 +2" Drive right on the vehicle travel time difference, and rational use of small vehicles, the other half of the lane, so that is also 8 Drive, cheap coach bags"6 +2" clearly achieved greater than "4 +4" effect .
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6 +2> 4 +4
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