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 The benefits of tea

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The benefits of tea Empty
PostSubject: The benefits of tea   The benefits of tea EmptyFri Jun 04, 2010 12:00 am

chanel j12 Ice tea is not only cool, especially if it is with fresh green tea. The Brew some.

Assist your weight. Oerweight or obese burned more than three pounds practitioner, 7, people more belly fat when they drink green tea drink instead of another of the same quantity of heat, according to a new study.

chanel bags Against cancer. Alcohol is 12, are less likely to develop breast cancer than those who never, according to a study in the 6,928 Chinese women.

Reduced the risk of stroke. Reviews the UCLA study found that three cups a day at the risk of stroke by 21 tea is protected).

chanel handbags Healthy gums. In a study of 940 men, a man of green tea, the less he has gum disease.
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The benefits of tea
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