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 Sugar and god

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Coach Outlet A Indian is a story about a candy bar, to see the god of heaven and complain: "oh god, I very sweet. I very good! I put the five precepts. I thought." Sugar, sugar, as you know, it is sitting at a desk. He said he has never done anything to hurt anyone. "But no one, not even the ant, flies, who come near to me to eat me. Why? What have I done? Doesn't the law of karma?" For god said, if you do wrong, if you hurt someone, if you are acid, then people will return to you. But if you are sweet, sour, if you are good, you don't do any harm to man, he will never hurt you, right?

Cheap coach bags So the candy said: "why me? I'm a candy. (laughs). I was so sweet, people always eat me and revile me, why?" God said, "your best step slightly further before I answer you." And the candy said: "why don't you love me?" So god said, "do as I say! Please stop!" He almost made him lose Hiers temper. Oh, he shouted very hard, very loud. And sugar are trembling, that god was angry with him, don't like him. He said: "M - - - y m. g. - G - but I did at?" So god said, "you didn't do anything, but if you stay too close, I also want to eat you!" (laughter and applause.).

Coach Bags Outlet In this world, have their own nature. Some is charming, while others, like sweets, chocolate; some cake, like a fire, as long as you approach.
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Sugar and god
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