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 Woods and his wife divorce outcome has been set

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Woods and his wife divorce outcome has been set Empty
PostSubject: Woods and his wife divorce outcome has been set   Woods and his wife divorce outcome has been set EmptyTue Apr 13, 2010 9:51 pm

Beijing April 14, according to the U.S. entertainment show " coach bags " (Entertainment Tonight) reported some time ago into a peach scandal golf star Tiger Woods hereby (Tiger Woods) and his wife Yilinnuode Green (Elin Nordegren) marriage between the already irreversible. Both sides in the divorce settlement because of the difficulty of achieving consensus, only to delay a divorce outside the statement.

" coach outlet " said Tiger Woods, his wife go out carrying a betrayal of the scandal, although he means to restore public relations through their own reputation and to the rehabilitation clinic for treatment of addiction, trying to save the marriage between and Irene, but also in the recently announced return to participate in the U.S. Masters golf, to prove that they have been out of the old shadow.

However, this is just Tiger Woods divert the public attention, to deceive the public action. A source disclosed that between Tiger Woods and Irene's marriage has been irreparable, "we see through sex addiction just Tiger Woods has his family together, which people believe that the Tiger Woods family disputes have been resolved. But the fact is, he and Irene's fate is indeed over. "

The source also said, "They have not spoken for some time. They failed to reach agreement on the divorce agreement, so long as the contract to develop the details down, they are ready to sign the divorce agreement, to lead their own lives."

Tiger Woods and the other to prove that true separation between Irene and the fact that participation in the Masters, Tiger Woods, Eileen was in Arizona vacation. Prior to Tiger Woods in any match, Eileen will be watching in the field, cheer for her husband, and now, two have been estranged.

Obviously, Tiger Woods and Irene "compound cheap coach bags " message, this is only two in the distribution of property after divorce is difficult to reach a consensus circumstances, the present expedient to deal with public opinion.
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Woods and his wife divorce outcome has been set
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