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 Flowers sung out, remove the shrimp.

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Flowers sung out, remove the shrimp. Empty
PostSubject: Flowers sung out, remove the shrimp.   Flowers sung out, remove the shrimp. EmptyMon Jun 07, 2010 12:26 am

chanel j12 Ann little seven sitting at the bar, like a wounded cat, with alcohol therapy with injuries, a drink a glass of the therapy will ...

The bar is a gap of rectangular, with a stage, the right hand side sit two men sat on the left hand side, two women, and small personal sat in the middle of July. The bar there a bartender, intensely and Ann little seven-play dice, what exactly is the role of alcohol, Ann little seven flickering lights, pretties. Apex of acid and acid, she was surprised that moment of drinking, rapid mitigation, this does not know called, do not let the tears fall down. Someone told her, mind, head up to a 45-degree angle, tears don't fall down. Bloody hell, this method an small seven do not know how many times have been tried, no success.

chanel bags The left hand side of the two ladies fit seven smile, toast and Ann little seven with drink. Ann little seven fully remove the preparedness, and two women mad, they laugh like that, it looks a little too much fun. Do real estate of two beautiful Anhui, long hair beauty it together on small seven ears, said to her, the lead here, really ugly ... Ann little seven and laughed when the smiles.

A bold man come challenges dice, Ann little seven fundamental not afraid, a provocative tone on the guy said, lost drank this a jug of wine,? man seems to be a little hesitant, but finally collapsed on seven of provocation, accepted on seven unreasonable conditions. Men lost, but his rolling pot does not dare to touch. Ann little seven laughed, the man really was like a fart, put out a vanishing no trace.

Ann little seven has had 12 bottle of Budweiser, drank a bit steep, head, a little sick of Halo, but are simply spit out the wine to skip to the middle of the stage to dance, is on the left hand side of a woman holds her up, she jumped more than those who lead the babes also fun, so all around, she is understanding Wang Ku students splash two years and three months, seven-day ...

chanel handbags B lingyi, May 15, Ann little seven love goodbye, she drunk in the complex city, Luo city also drunk ...
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Flowers sung out, remove the shrimp.
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