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 The Faremer and His Dissentious Sons

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The Faremer and His Dissentious Sons Empty
PostSubject: The Faremer and His Dissentious Sons   The Faremer and His Dissentious Sons EmptyTue Jun 08, 2010 12:04 am

chanel j12 A farmer's sons always fight. The farmer often persuades them with sencere words and earnest wishes, but he tries in vain.

The farmer thinks he should use practical case to educate them. chanel bags So he orders the sons to bring a bundle of sticks. After this he gives the whole bundle of sticks to his sons and let them snap it. The sons try to do it in vain. Afterwards, he unties the bundle of sticks and gives each son one stick. They snap the sticks easily.

Then the farmer says, " My sons,you must be like the sticks as long as you make concerted effort, you will not be conquered by the enemy, however, if you always fight, you will be defeated easily by the enemy."

chanel handbags The story means: In unity there is strength, but division brings defeat.
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The Faremer and His Dissentious Sons
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