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 Tips on Making Money

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chanel j12 You may have heard of lemonade stands,penny-hunting, and fundraisers, but when I was a bit younger, the only way to make money was to use what you have at home. "You can never make money if you don't have the guts to try," is what my dad always told me. Here are some of the ways I made money.Plus some tips for you too! Get a pad and pen to take some notes:

Create a Service

This is easier (and harder) than you think(mainly works at school). Do you have a talent ?If you don't or just cant figure it out yet, you can sell candy(laugh out loud).All talents have some way of attracting attention. For example, if you have amazing drawing skills, you can draw pictures and sell them to people or even or make comics(stick men could work out too if you don't draw to well) to sell. If you have a sense of humor and imagination, you can write stories. I'm not a big fan of pencils, paper, and an open mind so I used to create comics on my computer. I got sprites of famous video game characters and re-made their personality and what they do. Its a lot of fun and all you need is a printer (color ink is best).Those are some of the things i thought from the top of my head.

chanel bags Here is a preview of a comic I made

Attracting Customers

After you have created your service, you may be wondering "now what?". I am still very young so all I know is how to attract customers at school. Go to some friends and tell them to spread the word. Print out some business cards! Make the card interesting. Ask questions to bother them to see what your business is all about. Whatever you do, have something that will grab their attention.

Selling It

chanel handbags Whatever it is you want to sell, make sure you have a good supply of it. Also, make sure its something you know somebody out there(at school or wherever you want to sell "it") would want. Make sure the price is simple and affordable. For example, unless you're a math genius or have a calculator/cash register don't add tax or make a price have XX.67 cents(especially if they want to buy more than one at a time). Customers want to be able to get what they want and move on. Keep it neat! Try to make it look as professional as possible.
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Tips on Making Money
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