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 After cleaning the glass for five years

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After cleaning the glass for five years Empty
PostSubject: After cleaning the glass for five years   After cleaning the glass for five years EmptyFri Jun 18, 2010 3:34 am

Coach Outlet He alone from rural to urban areas, only the middle school, the body is very thin, only to find some more light manual labor dry. He went into a cleaning company, the main job is to Cabo, corporate accommodation, 300 yuan monthly salary.

He was satisfied, and began to live very hard. Someone asked him: "You are so small, why not go to school at home, make this money out suffer?" He said: "My family are poor, paralyzed father, mother, farming, the family had no money for my school, my culture is too low, to have been very satisfied with the job a month can do to the remitted money. "

He has been in Cabo this cleaning company, his colleagues for the batch after batch, or even just do three or four days because of too little pay, dirty work away, he has remained true to this position. A full five years, he is already more than 20 years old big guy, the city's office buildings, hotels, shopping malls to serve almost all of his many times. He worked hard as always, meticulous, and many customers also named to the company sent him over, he simply became the spokesman for the company's image.

People know him, he and his clients became acquaintances and friends. One day, there's the new girl asked him: "I heard that you clean the glass for five years, earns 300 yuan a month, why not change jobs?" He said laughingly: "will exchange them."

Cheap coach bags One day, people familiar with the Cabo workers suddenly disappeared. A few days later, opened a fast food restaurant, and the boss is, he rubbed the glass for five years. Fast food is to adapt to the city's fast-paced, fiercely competitive nature, and his fast-food restaurants have opened up the situation quickly.

The reason is simple, he's five years in Cabo, I went to every office building, hotels, shopping malls, get to know the people inside, the performance of five years Cabo has given the people left a deep impression. When his fast-food restaurants throughout the city developed into a corner, of assets over 10 million when all who knew him said with emotion: "The Boss had rubbed glass for five years."

Coach Bags Outlet A reporter interviewed him and asked him how to open a Cabo's fast food restaurant workers, and many strong competitors when. He only said one sentence: "Because I worked for five years were polished glass, and polished good!"
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After cleaning the glass for five years
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