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 World Cup - Spain 1-0 Germany for the first time into the final Puyol lore

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World Cup - Spain 1-0 Germany for the first time into the final Puyol lore Empty
PostSubject: World Cup - Spain 1-0 Germany for the first time into the final Puyol lore   World Cup - Spain 1-0 Germany for the first time into the final Puyol lore EmptyThu Jul 08, 2010 12:17 am

Coach Outlet Am Beijing time on July 8, at the World Cup semi-final of a battle in South Africa, Spain Stadium in Durban, with 73-minute Puyol header 1 to 0 victory over Germany , history's first plays into the medal World Cup final, they will, and the Netherlands fight for the championship, regardless of who ultimately wins will have the eighth World Cup team support。
Germany had given victory over England and Argentina, reflecting the strong fighting power, and Spain after the victory over Portugal and Paraguay have gradually adjusted to change the best. The history of Germany and Spain had 20 encounters recorded 8 wins in Germany 6 6 negative level slightly the upper hand. Impressive is the Euro 2008 final, Spain beat Germany to win 1 to 0.

Germany today emission of 451 formation at the forward Miroslav Klose up front. In midfield, replacing the suspended Teluoxiaofu Gaussian Thomas - Mueller. Back line, defender Per Mertesacker and Friedrich partner, J-Boateng and Ram either side of, or the Neuer goalkeeper. Spain evolutions 451 formation, Villa up front, Pedro Torres was lucky to replace.

After the start of the race through the pick side, the German first tee. 6 minutes, Pedro Road sent forward pass, Villa shot into the restricted areas were Neuer brave rush he denied. 13 minutes, Iniesta and Xavi in the corner with right-sided after the transmission through the tactics, the Puyol Closed Road flying diving-hoisting the ball over the bar slightly. The first 19 minutes, Capdevila long pass in midfield left oblique transfer, Ramos shot right-sided small angle plug, the ball slightly wide of the right goal post outside.

The first 23 minutes, Harvey sent in the forward pass Road, Villa almost single-handedly get the opportunity, but the ball was the first to intercept the German players. With Houkeluoze formed in the restricted area is also almost a breakthrough, but ultimately the success of Spain's triple-teamed. The first 25 minutes, Villa restricted to the right of small-angle shot by the German defender block. 30 minutes, Alonso closed area, try long shots, the ball wide of the right goal post outside.

Cheap coach bags 32 minutes, right-sided cross & Ram, the long-range Gaussian Teluoxiaofu Casillas saved the bottom line is, this is the first time after the opening of Germany Gongmen. With Houeqier corner to a small restricted area pass in the vicinity, but the German failed to form a Gongmen melee chance. 39 minutes, the right cross & Ram, Ozil Road with over two, but the line in the restricted area near the Spanish players were the first to third Disembarrassing. The first 45 minutes, Harvey mass in the right corner, Capdevila before the point 1, Pedro was back outside the area of long-range block. Halftime, the two sides were not goals, for the time being goalless draw.

Easy side battles, both sides were not substitutions. 47 minutes, Teluoxiaofu Gaussian players block a shot by Spain. A minute later, Pedro skilled individuals in the right-sided use of technology go past block after the cross & the German players, Alonso to keep up with long-range wide of the left goal post outside. 50 minutes, Ramos and Xavi in the middle row Hui Qiao, Alonso once again try long shots, the ball slightly wide of the right goal post outside. 52 minutes, Germany Janssen replaced with a J-Boateng.

The first 55 minutes, Harvey Wang Department knock the arc, he missed long-range Villa relevant statistic procedures. 58 minutes, Alonso Road Hui Qiao, Jin She Pedro keep up brave saved by Neuer. A minute later, Pedro's long-range just wide. 61 minutes, Ramos headed the restricted area Disembarrassing mistakes, Klose Road Qiangdian hook shot hit high. 62 minutes, Germany replaced with Teluoxiaofu Ski Cross. A minute later, crossing the ball left Alonso restricted, Ramos and Podolski's scraping the fall, the referee refused a penalty.

68 minutes, Villa restricted to the right of small-angle shot by Neuer resolved. 69 minutes, Podolski broke into the closed area on the left after the transfer during and after the point of outflanking the Cross right foot relevant statistic procedures, the ball is saved by Casillas. Match the first 73 minutes, Spain were left corner opportunities, Harvey's biography excellent placement, Puyol header back plug Leipzig, Germany there were errors missed the ball fly to score the door right corner, Spain 1 to 0 lead Germany.

Coach Bags Outlet 81 minutes, with Gomez replaced Hedi La Germany, and Spain with Torres, who replaced Villa. A minute later, midfielder sent Harvey crossing the ball accurately, Pedro netted a second in passing a nearly closed, but dribbling the ball over the German team steals. 86 minutes, Spain replaced with Pedro Silva. In the end, Spain 1 to 0 Lectra Germany, World Cup history for the first time into the medal final, they will face the Netherlands in the final, regardless of who ultimately wins the World Cup will be the birth of the eighth team to win support.
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World Cup - Spain 1-0 Germany for the first time into the final Puyol lore
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